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Ronnie A (aka Ronald C. Alexander,EE) has been a radiation effects specialist since learning thetrade of Nuclear Submarine ELT, ie. rad-chem tech, in Rickover's Navy in 1974. While working on the Nuclear Fuel Logistics Model at Bonneville Power Administration (that's when I first joined Mensa), Iwas an Optical Communications Fellow at Oregon Graduate Center for Research and Study in 1979... and I left the federal government in 1984 as Microprocessor Tactical Gamma Hardness Investigator at Harry Diamond Labs - the lead lab for tactical radiation effects evaluation. I've been with FDA since april, 1991. I now work with other FDA Consumer Safety Officers west of the Rockies certified to inspect facilities under the Mammography Quality Standards act . We have four Certified FDA MQSA Inspectors in the Pacific Region to inspect over forty Federal Facilities, and audit about 2000 facility inspections in nine States and the Pacific basin! With the herculean efforts of our contract States we assure that American women get consistently good quality mammograms .

What did I do between 1984 and 1991? Well, I spent a couple ofyears as Intel's integrated systems manufacturing Quality Engineer , and then went on to develop missile navigation and guidance software for GE and Northrop - but now I'm back monitoring zoomies again! I ama Senior Member of the Nuclear and Plasma Physics Society of IEEE, and I was appointed a member of the Public Health Service's Engineer Profession Advisory Committee in 1995.      see me live here...


Addie (Addie Lee Alexander - the former Kay Ann Joncas) has been a volunteer throughout our wanderings across America. When we met, she was aNurse aide, but quickly became involved in volunteering for the Washington Park Zoo Nursery, Portland,OR . On weekends she would show up at the Zoo, present her special volunteer ID, and make sure the babies were being raised right. We raised tapers, lions, pumas, elephants, bears, and just about anything needing a good attitude... When Delilah the chimp, who later had the largest vocabulary of any chimp anywhere, was abandoned by her mom, it was Addie's approach that kept her alive.

In our travels Addie has been a Red Cross volunteer, where she made sure that instructors like me had the proper credentials (and, of course, helped when I taught advanced first aid and emergency care classes;) she was a Civil Air Patrol Observer for Chesepeake Bay patrols; she's been an assistant curator for the BerkshireMuseum , where she cared for an aquarium housing everything from a nurse shark and armadillo to tarantulas and red bellied turtles... she worked hard in the reestablishment of red bellies to the wild! Most recently, Addie has been an officer of the Los Angeles Courts to accompany mothers visiting with their children that the Court has in its custody.

Addie has a form of Muscular Dystrophy (MD) , called Myotonic Myscular Dystrophy (MMD) or Dystrophica Myotonia (DM) - also called Steinert's Disease. This has prevented her from doing everything she's wanted to, but her tenacity has prevented it from completely getting her down. Please give generously to the Muscular Dystrophy Telethon! Help Fight banner


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